Coins shaped like guitar

Name: Alok Kumar Goyal Age: 44 years
Claim to fame: Collecting coins is this software consultant's passion. His collection — spanning three decades — includes not just coins used across the globe but also special commemorative ones. He has lost count of the number of coins he has.
The quantity is matched by quality. Goyal has 62 sets of Republic India (which focus on developmental issues and leaders like Gandhi and Netaji), coloured coins from across the globe and coins to commemorate international women's year, international children's year and the first world science conference in India. The value of the rare coins is over Rs 40,000 each.
Early start: Goyal began collecting coins as a child. "My father used to get the special collections from the Reserve Bank of India. That's how I developed my interest," he says. He constantly keeps in touch with fellow collectors and mints to learn about the new coins in the market.
"I spend my free time on the Internet, trying to find out about new coins and exchange extra coins for the ones I don't have," says Goyal. His latest acquisitions are coloured coins in various shapes and sizes. He has coins from the US shaped like guitars, motorcycles, fishes and butterflies.
"Coloured coins are a rage now but India does not produce such coins," he says, showing off his new cat coin collection from the UK.
Business sense: "Coins are good investments in India. After the mint stops producing a collectors' edition coin, its value can double in three months," says Goyal, who spends between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000 every month to expand his collection.
One of his favourites is the silver-coloured series depicting Queen Elizabeth II at different stages of her life. Another coin he likes was produced by Somali Republic to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi. It depicts the three monkeys. Among Goyal's prized possession is a set that Princess Diana brought to India. It contains coins etched with an image of her and Mother Teresa and of her holding baby Prince William.
Other uses: Goyal is using his coin collection to teach his two sons about places and people. "I give them a coin and ask them to gather information about the place it is from or the people it is commemorating. This keeps the boys interested."

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