Iran and Britain team up on “Sassanid Coins”

Tehran Times Art Desk
TEHRAN –- The first volume of the book entitled "Sassanid Coins" will be published in the near future in a collaborative effort by Iran's National Museum and the British Museum.
Iran's National Museum's Curator of Coins Marzieh Elaheh Asgari and the Curator of Islamic and Iranian Coins at the British Museum Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis studied more than 5000 coins which are on display at the two museums.

The two-volume work on Sassanid coins will be published according to a Memorandum of Understanding which was concluded between the museums 10 years ago.

Since the designs on the coins feature the political, social and cultural conditions prevailing in the Sassanid era, their details have been analyzed precisely in these volumes which form a good work of reference for scholars.

The second volume of the work is due to be published next summer.

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